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Creating a company profile takes only 2 minutes and you get a free test account for the first month

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For a new international hire you simply create a new profile and we take it from there

Track the process

We guide your new employee through the whole process and you can see everything on your own dashboard

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Relocation with us becomes easy - so your employee will be happy and ready to work after arriving in Germany

Improved relocation management for HR

Localyze provides an overview of the current relocation process status of all international employees within the relevant categories (visa, banking, housing) for the recruiting department.

Step-by-step guidance throughout the whole process

Localyze guides internationals through the whole relocation process with a personalized dashboard showcasing next to do's, deadlines and other relevant information.

Personalized support for each challenge

Localyze covers a wide range of topics - ranging from visa and mobile phone contracts to cultural integration. In each category, only relevant information tailored to the individual personality profile is displayed.

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Our promise

Full transparency in all crucial relocation topics for international employees

We guide you through the whole relocation process. Like that you have an up-to-date overview of which further steps you need to take. Our platform solution explains step-by-step which documents you need and gives you crucial information about the different categories. You won’t miss any important appointments from now on.

It’s all about saving time – isn’t it?

By digitizing the entire process and providing up-to-date information in all areas, time can be greatly reduced. So you can focus on the people in your organization instead of having to deal with the tedious research on the visa process.

An innovative solution guiding you

Never worry again about visa process, banking or registration of international employees. All those topics are covered in our dynamic and intuitive platform solution. We are always at your side because our highest priority is to be party of each single story.

Our range of services


We offer crucial information on the visa application and guide you through the whole process.


Bike, Car or public transport? We'll help you find the right way to get from A to B.


All financial matters must be clarified before coming to Germany. All topics are covered - from finding a bank to opening a bank account.


Housing is always a struggle. We support the international employee to find a cozy home.

What our customers say

"We are a fast growing team, almost doubling in size in the next year. Many of our new hires are from abroad and the relocation management can be time consuming and costly. With Localyze, we found a solution that covers the whole relocation management, sometimes even accelerates the process and all a low cost and a better customer service than existing solutions."

"The Localyze software supports our HR department as well as our international employees in having a structured and hassle-free relocation process. Their information and checklists makes it really easy to go through the steps independently and make sure we don't miss anything. All questions are answered in a rapid and reliable way by the Localyze team, we are really happy with the support."

"Localyze is a very valuable partner in the war-on-talent. Their product is a perfect horizontal addition to ours, which is why we recommend their service to all our customers."

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