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Residence permit extension

Hiring success depends on the engagement and the retention of talent. Relocation support is a proven tool when it comes to strengthening engagement with employees - so why stop upon arrival?

Renew the residence permit, maintain the relationship

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Engagement is key for retention

As with your entire team, keeping up engagement is an important factor to increase the likelihood of your (international) employees staying in the company. Don't risk losing valuable talent and support them throughout their journey.

Relocation Support = Engagement Support

A Gallup survey found that only about 13% of employees worldwide were fully engaged in their work, with 23 % being actively disengaged and likely to leave their current employer. Unsurprisingly, we see that in 2020 more and more companies have taken it upon themselves to provide greater benefits to their talent to maintain company culture. When it comes to relocation support however, Business Internations concluded that many employers seem to underestimate the negative effects that insufficient relocation support has on engagement.

On the other hand, companies with a strong onboarding program can improve new hire retention by over 80 and productivity by over 70 percent. So, if there is a lesson to be learned, it is that providing relocation packages that meet employee needs can offer a competitive edge not just for recruiting talent, but importantly, for worker engagement and retention. Reading this, you have probably started thinking about your newest team members and their relocation experience. But what about your remaining international team? Having spent 1 or 2 years in their new home country, renewing a visa can mean both a minor bureaucratic hurdle and a major psychological burden for them. This again, can affect employee engagement and productivity.

Localyze is here for you and your international employees

Localyze provides residence permit renewal support for your international employees, which reduces uncertainty and shows your commitment towards their needs, even long into their tenure at your company. Services include:

  • Appointment booking

  • Communication with authorities

  • Preparation of application

  • Final check of documents

  • Appointment booking at the local immigration office

Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do to make you and your international employees happy - together and in the long run.