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The Global Mobility Policy Guide by Localyze

This guide will help you to define your company’s global mobility policy. It covers why you should do it now, and what you need to do before getting started. We developed a 7-step approach to help you to successfully define your own global mobility policy.

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The Relocation Basics Guide by Localyze

New to relocation management? No worries! This relocation basics guide brings you up to speed and tells you all about visa regulations in Germany, time management and required documents for a relocation.

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5 things to keep in mind for a successful relocation

Relocation is complex and there is a lot that can go wrong when you start relocating employees. Learn about the most important success factors to create a great experience for your employee!

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Understanding the talent gap – What is happening in the world?

Why is the availability of talent decreasing? Understanding the problem in a broader sense can give you a better perspective – and a hint on where to look for the best talents.

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HR Trend Report: The future of talent mobility post COVID-19

COVID-19 will have a long-lasting impact on the world - but how will it affect international job markets? The report shows our survey's exclusive findings on hiring strategies and market perceptions shared by international HR professionals.

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Trend Report: The future of international teams

2021 is a new start in many ways. After a year that was different from what we expected and brought along challenges for HR, it's time to look at the future of HR policies and strategies. Our key insight? The future is not fully remote, but international.

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Brexit Guide by Localyze

To help British citizens through these stressful times, we compiled a guide containing information to ensure that you will be able to stay. Download the guide, and learn about urgent next steps and post-Brexit life regarding employment, healthcare, & more.

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How to manage international teams remotely

With social restrictions in place for the greatest part of 2020, many companies have been forced to turn to remote work set-ups for the first time. In this guide you will be able to learn more about the best practices of managing remote teams.

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