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Virtual roundtable: How to balance remote work vs. in-office

How to find the best (hybrid) solution for your team

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COVID19 forced every company into a fully remote setup from one day to another. Many companies took it as an opportunity to re-think their workplace strategy, between remote and in-office. Now is the time to do a first recap and discuss the options going forward.

We want to bring different stakeholders to the table, from HR managers who are facing changes in recruiting and managing culture, to tech leaders who are enablers of a remote setup and see opportunities for the accessibility of tech talent.

We want to discuss and exchange ideas on questions like:

  • How can you involve employees in setting new standards and rules for remote or hybrid models?

  • How to test and experiment new frameworks and guidelines?

  • How can you use a new setup to create long-term advantages for your talent strategy?

How does it work?

Each round table will be formed by a small group of a maximum of 7 participants to facilitate the discussion - a table captain will make sure everyone is heard. Groups are matched based on topics of interest, make sure you name your interests when signing up!