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One of your employees is moving to a new country?

We don’t stop at the paperwork - with us, your employee is supported in every topic from housing to banking, mobile phone, transport and language classes, to ensure a great relocation experience and to settle in as fast as possible.

Avoid pitfalls and ensure a great relocation experience

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Relocating isn't easy and there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid before your employee is ready to start working. Finding temporary accommodation and opening a bank account are just the tip of the iceberg. How about permanent housing, language classes - and potentially the family relocating with them? Are you overwhelmed by keeping track and ensuring that everything is set-up in time? Don’t be! With Localyze, you and your employee are supported in every topic.

Dealing with relocation cases?

We can make them happen, contact us - and we'll tell you how.

Cases concerning immigration or compliance?

We also cover those. Explore our immigration and compliance sections and see how we can help you to enable your international team.