Localyze makes global mobility easier

We create the best experience for you and your employees with a software that makes relocation management fast, transparent and enjoyable.



100% transparency on your relocating employees

You can easily keep track of all ongoing relocations, have everything in one place and get reminders when the next visa has to be renewed – instead of dealing with email pingpong and 0 transparency.


Make better decisions in recruiting

We provide all the knowledge to enable your international recruiting. From average waiting times for embassy appointments to a reliable pre-assessment - we are here to get your international recruiting right from the beginning.

Time saving

Get a visa - fast and efficient

We take the pain out of the immigration process. All the paperwork is handled by us, through integrations with institutions and automated processes we can accelerate visa processes by 50% and decrease waiting times by up to 80%.


Everything your employee needs in one place

We don’t stop at immigration - with us, your employee is supported with every topic from insurance and housing to mobile phone and language classes, to ensure a great onboarding experience and improve long-term employee retention.

Employee experience

The best support for your employee

With us, your employee gets the best support throughout the whole process. We assign a case manager for every employee to provide personal support and guidance for every step - to really make your employee feel welcome

Benefits for you...

Efficient visa and paperwork

Easy monitoring and tracking

Accelerated onboarding process

The best employee experience

...and your employee

Single point of contact

Software access and digital processes

Personalized and 24/7 support

100% success rate

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