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Many companies don't hire internationally because they are afraid of the required paperwork - with the result of accessing less than 1% of the available talent pool. Are you also overwhelmed when dealing with immigration cases? Don’t be! With Localyze, hiring international talent is just as easy as hiring a local one, even in complex cases.

No cases are too complex with Localyze!

Browse through some of our past cases below and find out what to keep in mind. 

Case #1: International from Nigeria starting a job in Berlin, Germany 

Mohammad has been dreaming of moving to Europe and is excited to start his new job as a Software Developer at DreamJob Inc in Berlin. He and his recruiter know that he needs a visa, but are unsure about the whole process and paperwork involved.

  • Did you know that to receive a work visa, an approval of the German Federal Employment Agency is required and needs to be requested by the employer? The approval depends on the conditions of the employment (salary, holidays, working hours) but also the education and experience of the talent. 

  • After receiving the visa, Mohammad can move to Berlin where he has to apply for a residence permit, which is usually valid for a maximum of 4 years. Watch out for the expiration date of the entry (work) visa, as waiting times at the immigration offices are long!

  • Did you know that Localyze cooperates with the Business Immigration Service Berlin so appointment waiting times are reduced from 3 months to 3 days?

Case #2: International from Brazil with a work permit in Germany wants to work remotely from Portugal

Ana, an employee of DreamJob Inc, asks her employer whether she could permanently move to Portugal. She wants to know what would change in regard to her work permit and her tax and social security status.

  • Did you know that you need to apply for a work permit in another EU country even if you already have a work permit in Germany and that it can make a difference whether you have a EU Blue Card or not?

  • There are always implications on your social security and tax status depending on which country you live and work in.

Case #3: A US-citizen living in France has started a new job at a German company

Due to a family member’s special necessity, he wants to continue living and working from France to be able to keep his French health insurance.

  • Did you know that Non-European internationals can already file a settlement permit after 21 months which gives them very similar rights to a European citizen and can therefore work in France although employed in Germany?

  • Or could you imagine that it is possible to obtain a border-crossing certificate?

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