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Employer change for residence permits

Your new international hire has a residence permit tied to the former employer? No problem, here's what you can do.

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A small but necessary change

A residence permit is tied to the initial employer for the first two years of employment in Germany. Should someone change the job in these first two years, the restriction on the permit needs to be changed to the new employer and new position at the local immigration office.

Why you need to request an employer change of the residence permit

Generally spoken, third-country nationals who need a residence title for a long-term stay in Germany may find it necessary or desirable to change their residence status without having to leave Germany for several reasons. For example, the issuance of a residence title and the rights and conditions attached to it depend on the purpose of stay. If the purpose of stay changes, the authorities will need to examine whether the residence title is still valid and can be extended, whether another residence title might be more appropriate and whether the rights and conditions linked to the title need to be adjusted due to the new purpose of stay.

In the specific case of a work visa or residence permit (Blue Card) for employment, the title is tied to the employment it was issued for. During the application, the specific employment conditions, like the salary and working hours are checked by the authorities. When those change, the legal basis for the residence permit needs to be re-checked again.

Good to know: After two years, the residence permit is no longer restricted to the initial employment. If you are not sure, better be safe than sorry and double-check the situation with the immigration office or ask us for help.

Localyze is here for you and your international employees

The Localyze support for employer change includes:

  • Assessment of situation

  • Communication with authorities

  • Preparation of application

  • Final check of documents

  • Appointment booking at the local immigration office

In any case, it's hassle-free for you! Get in touch with us to learn more.