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Relocating within Europe

Even though the freedom of movement allows EU nationals to travel, work and settle anywhere they like within the European Union, there are still topics that will make your employees break a sweat. Don't worry- we've got this for you!

Same continent, but different culture, language and rules

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Support to make your employees happy

EU Citizens don’t need a visa or residence permit when moving to Germany. But that doesn’t mean the process is easy for them. Signing up for the right health insurance, finding an apartment and cultural differences are challenges everyone is facing, no matter what citizenship. Providing the right onboarding support will make a difference in employee happiness, retention and productivity!

Diversify your team with talent from Europe

It's no longer a surprise to say: Diverse teams are generally more innovative and more successful. If hiring globally is a challenge for you, here are some good news for you.

Europe is a tech talent hub - find the right match to your job offering

You don't have to go global, because finding talent within the EU is generally a good idea if you want to diversify your team. Not only is Europe a growing market for tech talent with as many developers in Berlin, Paris and London as in the Silicon Valley. Technical talent is also highly mobile across Europe's hubs. So finding the right match for your job offering may be easier than you think.

  • The Freedom of Movement allows your EU citizens to start working immediately - no visa or work permit required

  • Open borders: Travel in times of COVID-19 is more reliable within Europe

Localyze is here for you and your international employees

Even though the formalities are done quickly, relocating - even if it's within Europe - is a big step. Keep in mind that your new hire does not speak the language and is not used to the local culture or unwritten rules.

That's why Localyze provides your employees with access to curated and reliable information and individual support for the topics that are most relevant to kickstart the time in Germany:

  • Registration and Tax ID

  • Health insurance

  • Bank account

  • Housing

  • Language school & integration

Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for you and your international employees.