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Pulse Check: Effects of COVID-19 on international job markets

International recruiting became much more challenging during COVID-19. BUT - our recent survey showed, that more than 50% of tech companies continued to hire internationally during the crisis! Find out more in the report!

Exclusive insights in the HR Trend Report

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Do you sometimes wonder how other HR departments are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic? We conducted an international survey to find the answers to your questions. The report shows our survey's exclusive findings on hiring strategies and market perceptions shared by international HR professionals.

Get the insights & make informed decisions

Knowing how the recruiting landscape and international labour markets are developing is crucial to building a successful HR strategy. Don't know what to expect? Here are 3 key findings of our report:

1. Hiring continues: HR professionals and management believe that everything will go back to (an international) normality in the close future and surprisingly do not feel a major impact.

2. Challenges will be overcome soon: Currently perceived challenges are mainly linked to border restrictions and are not perceived as long-term challenges.

3. Remote work is not perceived as a stable long term solution.

Download the report to read more about the tendencies to hiring, the atmosphere around international relocation, the prevailing mood of international employees and job candidates, experiences related to remote work and the future of new workspace environments.