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Having an international team didn't get any easier during COVID-19: Work set-up's and international hiring have never been that complex.

Feeling overwhelmed with legal, tax, and relocation topics regarding your international employees? We are here to help: Take the chance and get free support for 24h!

How does it work? Ask your questions upfront at sign-up or via E-mail after signing-up. We will answer your questions on November 18th and 19th.

You are responsible for managing international employees in your company and have been struggling lately due to the fast-changing situation worldwide and the new, more complex work set-up's? Then this event is for you!

  • What are the legal and tax implications if one of my team members wants to work abroad temporarily?

  • What are the implications of hiring a software engineer remotely?

  • Does Kurzarbeit affect my international employees' residence permit?

  • What is the status of the embassy in Dubai?

  • What does my talent have to watch out for regarding the quarantine after arrival?

Those are just example questions that have reached us in the past months and we are happy to offer our help so you can keep hiring and relocating your employees successfully.

Dealing with a very specific case and you'd prefer a one-on-one consultation? No problem, book your free consultation here.